Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where do your cooking classes take place?

We do not have a public kitchen space. We travel to you in the Greater LA area. This includes Ventura County, the Westside to downtown Los Angeles, and north to Burbank. That said, as you travel, so will we. Whether a bachelorette cooking class in Los Cabos or Pasta class in Sienna, Chef J’s has the team in place to host your class around the world.

+ Does our event space need to have a kitchen?

No. We run classes without a kitchen on-site. We bring all the ingredients and equipment so we can do a class in a meeting room, hotel room, or other space with good table space. We do cleaning offsite, so we don’t need a real kitchen to wash things. (Ask for pictures of our set up if you want to visualize it, or visit our Gallery)

+ Can you recommend a venue?

Yes, we can find an appropriate venue if you need one. Often times your house is just perfect for classes!

+ What is your style of cuisine?

We use fresh, local, seasonal ingredients for our cooking classes and events. As Armenian-Mexican, Joanna specializes in Euro-Latina cuisine. You’ll find cuisines: Italian, French, Mexican, and Asian fusion with a healthy California twist. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes are often are top hits.

+ Do you just do private classes?

No. We do classes for up to 26 people and do individual cooking classes as well. Prices start at $65 per person for large group classes. A private class for one is starts at $125.

+ Where can I find a list of the classes you offer?

Our most popular classes are Homemade Pasta, Spanish Paella, Chinese Dumplings, Vegan Mediterranean Mezze. Click on handy PDF here. We can customize and accommodate special diets.

+ Who do you serve?

We do classes for couples, corporate teams, groups up to 26, and cater family-style for small private events.

+ What is the Chef Fee?

The fee varies on each event but it ensures the travel time and payment for additional assistants needed for your event.

+ Is Gratuity included?

No. Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated. Leaving a review on our Google or Yelp page would be a nice gesture too.

+ What else do you do?

Chef Joanna’s Kitchen is growing more in the online space, where we will begin featuring REMOTE cooking classes online. Click here to subscribe to keep up on all the latest classes!

There are also a variety of eCookbooks you can get started with to learn more healthy cooking techniques.

Keep in touch for updates, recipes, and more!


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