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Welcome to this course on Idioms! Congratulations on taking a step to improving your English skills. 

Maybe you came here because you want more opportunities in business. Or maybe you already speak English well, but don’t understand some of the phrases native speakers say.

You are in the right place! You will learn many of phrases that are hard to understand, but are often used by native speakers.

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced learners who want to learn phrases especially for the business setting (United States).


Positive Idioms

We all want success! These positive idioms will be your friends.

Watch the videos, then click on the links below to study each positive idiom.

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Positive Idioms: Part 1

1. Ahead of the curve

2. Get your foot in the door

3. Go the extra mile

4. Give the thumbs up 

5. Ground-breaking


Tip: Act these idioms out. Use your hands and different tones of voice to remember their meanings. Remember this is just an introduction to learning idioms.

You will need to keep alert while you listen to English and write idioms down when you hear them. Be an active learner in real environments, and you will learn much quicker!


This lesson is 2 parts:

1. Download the PDF document while you listen to the video.

2. Then, when you are ready, take the quiz!

3. For any questions or clarifications, use the contact form below to contact Joanna directly. She is here to assist you on your language learning journey!

If you like the lesson, you can purchase it by clicking on the button below. If you have questions before buying, please ask Joanna and she will be happy to assist you. 


Online English Course

Learn Common English Phrases used in the Business Setting (US) Los Angeles native, and TEFL teacher, Joanna Barajas explains idioms and phrases that can be hard to understand for students learning English. Through video, quizzes, and PDF worksheets, Joanna will show you the phrases you need to get to your next level in English!


Happy Learning. Make sure to make it fun along the way!

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