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Cook to 100

Join to cook AND connect! Your new friends are waiting 🙂

It was so fun! I am really enjoying it and feeling more empowered and more motivated to learning how to cook. You are very patient and kind and that makes me at ease. I was so proud yesterday.  Thank you so much!!


Thanks so much for showing interest in the ‘Cook to 100’ program!

I want to provide you with a little more information about it, so you can decide if it’s the right program for you.

‘Cook to 100’ Program

This is a 5-week LIVE plant-based bootcamp designed to empower homecooks to cook more healthy dishes confidently.

This is a small group class so you get individual attention and can get all your cooking questions answered. 

You will learn:

Who joins the Cook to 100 program?

Cooking Beginners HomecooksBusy Moms and Dads
Meat-eatersWorking ProfessionalsGluten-free people

This Cook to 100 program will teach you how to cook simple and delicious nutritionally balanced meals for you and your family. Whether you are fully plant-based or a meat eater, you will learn cooking techniques that can boost your creativity and confidence in the kitchen. Learn protein swaps, meal planning, and kitchen organization to make cooking more relaxing for you. 

Come for the content, stay for the community. 

Don’t just passively learn. Cook dinner once a week with other students learning just like you. 

Here’s what’s inside the Cook to 100 program:

~ Cook to 100 Program ~

This is a 5-week LIVE video course that helps students jump into healthy cooking and teach you delicious vegetable dinners. You will learn culinary techniques like knife skills and tips from a professional chef. 
Now imagine learning a few healthy cooking principles that can increase the enjoyment and pleasure you get from cooking. 

Cooking to improve your health and stamina

Cooking to make you feel more confident in the kitchen

Cooking to whip up meals from scratch

Cooking to introduce new vegetables into your diet

Cooking to feel calm and at ease

Cooking to feed yourself and the people you love

Cooking to add variety to your daily meals

If you learn a few cooking techniques, you will be eating better, and be able to feed the ones you love too.


This course uses simple ingredients and simple cooking techniques. It’s designed for the homecook. All you need is some time to prepare the meal together each week… and a good attitude of course! 🙂

I’ll go through all the steps so you feel more confident cooking. You can ask all your cooking questions during our Live session, too. (It’s not a pre-recorded course!)

Who is this for?

This program is for anyone who:

How will it help me?

“My daughter and I made a variation of the Veggie Champuru last night.
Thanks again for teaching us how to cook simply and well”

A Word From Your Instructor:

Joanna Barajas- Founder of ‘Cook to 100’

Hi, I’m Chef Joanna and I teach people how to cook to thrive at any age.

After 7 years of working as a culinary instructor, I’m more a food counselor than a chef. Unlike the Chopped contestants you’ll find on the Food Network, I’m about enjoying the process of cooking and making a home- not rushing it. I care about wellness.  

My approach to healthy eating is simple. It’s about lifestyle and choosing more vegetables and whole, unprocessed foods. I learned many healthy cooking techniques working with dieticians over the years. And I also found most of their patients were never taught how to create healthy, tasty food. 

With a few simple techniques, my students have created dishes they are proud of. I’ve worked with students and celebrities at the Four Seasons, Tastemade, Children’s Hospital, and non-profits- all to teach them how to cook healthier. The reaction is always the same. They are so happy to share their new cooking knowledge with their kids, partners, and families. They feel confident knowing how to nourish themselves, too. 

My goal is to transmit all my cooking knowledge to you.. We’ll meet over Zoom to cook together and you will get your cooking questions answered in real time. All the way, you’ll have access to me so that you can ask questions as you begin your ‘Cook to 100’  journey.

Akentannos” (to 100 years) !

Joanna Barajas

Your chance to learn top healthy cooking skills is right now. Get personalized help in the kitchen. Limited seats.  

How it Works…

I will show you healthy dish each session and explain the cooking techniques behind them so you can do them at home.

You will get a copy of the recipe sent to your email inbox a couple days before our cooking meeting so you can cook along or prepare questions for me during the session.

Lifetime access: I record our live sessions and give you access so you can rewatch the videos whenever you’d like, even after the program is over.


The program is $300 for 5 classes.

If you’d rather just do one or two classes, it’s $75 per class.

Purchase the program below using Paypal. Please send a message using the contact form (at the bottom of the page) to introduce yourself.

Sample Menus:


Session 1: Veggie Champuru and Sweet Potato
Staple foods in Okinawa, Japan
Session 2: Greek Island Lentil Salad and Homemade Hummus
Straight from Ikaria, Greece
Session 3: Sardinian Walnut Pesto
A student favorite!
Session 4: Vegan Gumbo
No meat, no problem!
Session 5: Costa Rica’s Gallo Pinto
Classic Rice and Beans with Pickled Vegetables

Session 1: Mediterranean Favorites
Homemade Hummus, Spinach Patties, Quinoa Tabuli Salad
Session 2: Fajita Bowl Night
Grilled Chicken, Skirt Steak or Portobello, Cilantro-Lime Rice, Sautéed Veggies
Session 3: Homemade Pesto Pasta Salad
A student favorite!
Session 4: Vegan Gumbo
No meat, no problem!
Session 5: Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Arugula, Walnuts, Feta, and Pomegranate
The kind of salads you buy and wish you could make at home

5 Class Program
One Class

My Guarantee: 

If you don’t enjoy it, I will give you your money back. I want you to make real changes in your life, and if I fail to inspire you then I’m not doing my job.

That’s the program! Designed to make you a more confident and intuitive cook so you can put a healthy meal together joyously and in less time. 

Testimonial from past students: 

“Chef Joanna is amazing! Every week I look forward to our weekly gatherings with work colleagues. We are lucky to virtually spend 30 minutes of very engaging cooking lessons. With having to cook more at home during the pandemic, her recipes and kitchen skills have come very handy. I have expanded my recipe repertoire and improved the quality of my nutrition. The recipes she recommends are easy, delicious, very nutritious and fun to make. Thank you!!”


“Chef Joanna has been hosting virtual cooking lessons at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the past few months and is a wonderful chef and teacher. She provides chef’s tips and tricks, answers questions, loves hearing other people share their experience, and is a warm and welcome presence on Wednesday afternoons. I have made several of her plant-based dishes and, despite my culinary limitations, they have been welcome additions to our dinner table.”

-Dr. Sze

If interested, please reply to the (3) questions below. Can’t wait to hear from you. 

1. What email can I send recipes and Zoom invitations to?

your email address: ___________

2. Do you have any food dislikes and/or allergies? I want to be sure to provide you with alternatives if so.

3. Why are you signing up for this program? Tell me a little bit about yourself.


I look forward to learning more about you! Cooking healthy is a lifelong skill that keeps on giving. 

See you in the kitchen!

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