Wanna eat healthier, but don't know where to start?

Just start with breakfast!


Healthy Chef- Joanna Barajas

Are you tired of being tired?

If you learned to just cook a little better, you might feel better.

You’d be surprised at what just eating a few more plants can do for you.

If you’re like most people, you know you should be eating healthier and eating more vegetables, but you don’t know how. 

That’s okay. Most of us never learned how to cook healthy in Home EC and mainstream media is NOT concerned in teaching us what’s healthy. They just want to sell us the new super-processed 100-calorie pack.

What would happen if you just learned how to cook a few more vegetables?

This lifelong skill could help you prevent the chronic diseases that plague more than 60% of Americans. (cdc.gov)

That’s right, almost half of the population in the US suffers from heart disease, diabetes, or depression. In fact, cardiovascular disease tops the list as the #1 killer in women and men in the US.

If we go on auto-pilot in America, we are likely to succumb to one of these chronic illnesses.  And even if you identify with one of these diseases, you may be able to reverse it, by changing your diet.

Studies show that the only diet proven to reverse heart disease is a whole food, plant-based diet, often referred to as a vegan diet. (2)

With a little education, we don’t have to live in fear. We can take our health into our own hands.

You don’t have to give up everything and become vegan to gain substantial health benefits.

You just need to learn how to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. I like to call it sensible eating. 

If you’re committed to living your best life and want to learn how to cook more vegetables, then I’m glad you’re here.

That’s exactly what I want to help you with.

Chef Joanna’s Kitchen offers cooking classes and healthy meal planning to support both beginner and experienced cooks looking to transition to plant-based cooking. Learn how to:

  • De-mystify plant-based cooking and make it easy to get started
  • Use your knife correctly and how to use the best tools for each task
  • Find your cooking style and infuse each recipe with your personality
  • Make dishes with minimal lists of ingredients and no fancy ingredients
  • Nurture the right habits, overcome time shortages, and (re)discover the joy of cooking

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Thank you so much for the lesson! I thought you were an amazing teacher.  So patient and explained very well.


I look forward to doing many more with you!

“Chef Joanna has been hosting virtual cooking lessons at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the past few months and is a wonderful chef and teacher. She provides chef’s tips and tricks, answers questions, loves hearing other people share their experience, and is a warm and welcome presence on Wednesday afternoons. I have made several of her plant-based dishes and, despite my culinary limitations, they have been welcome additions to our dinner table.”


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About Joanna


As a 30-something woman growing up in Los Angeles, I have had my body complex issues. I loved to eat at an early age. Ever since I got my Easy-Bake oven at 6 years old, I was baking all the time. And, when I wasn’t baking I was eating sweets and whatever was delicious.

I am extremely lucky that both my parents are great cooks, and we eat a mix of the most delicious Armenian and Mexican food every time we get together- chile rellenos, buttery pilaf, carne asada tacos just to name a few. I would overeat to my heart’s content.

But at age 16, I tried out for the track team and things were changed forever. My coach was a former Olympian and really into nutrition. She also had an awesome Irish accent I’ll never forget when coming to the finish line, “come on Joanna, finish strong.”

She introduced me to the idea that eating better could make you run faster.

It was the first time in my life when I started to question what I was eating on a daily basis. I also wanted to attract the attention of the opposite sex (let’s be honest). I was shy and quiet and thought if I lost weight I would get more attention from the guys.

Well, it did work, I got thinner and got more attention, but I think it had less to do with my looks, and more about the confidence I was exuding. Choosing what to eat was the first thing I could really control in my life. And it felt great.

But there were moments along the way where I didn’t eat enough and tried to follow diets that did more harm than good. It took a few more years until I could find the balance.

That led me down a path to reading articles and articles on nutrition and longevity. I still loved to cook so there was always an inner struggle in me on eating delicious vs. eating nutritious.

But, after 15+ years since then, I found that I don’t have to give up either. In that time, I received a bachelor degree in nutrition and diploma from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. I worked in the food industry for over 10 years, but what I’m really proud of is teaching home cooks how to cook simple, balanced meals. 

There’s a lot of advice out there, but what I learned from dieticians is…

Eating more plants is the #1 KEY to Longevity. 

And most people don’t cook enough vegetables, or know only a few ways to prepare them.

That’s why I started teaching cooking classes on 100% plant-based cooking.

What I will guarantee is that after taking my cooking classes, you will have tons of new ways to cook vegetables so it becomes more of a habit for you.

“The longest-lived people eat a plant-based diet. They eat meat but only as a condiment or a celebration. Nothing they eat has a plastic wrapper.”

Dan Buettner, Blue Zones founder

You can start by learning how to cook more vegetables. It’s a lot more simple (and fun) than you think!

“It was so fun! I am really enjoying it and feeling more empowered and more motivated to learning how to cook. You are very patient and kind and that makes me at ease. I was so proud yesterday.  Thank you so much!!”

-Marisa (Cook to 100 student)

5 resume tidbits:

  • She taught healthy cooking classes at Four Seasons Hotel, Tastemade Studios, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • She assisted in two cookbooks, “Fit From the Start: How to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Infancy” by Dr. Barbara Moore and “The Wellness Kitchen Cookbook” by Paulette Lambert R.D.
  • She attended Le Cordon Bleu Paris and received degrees in Culinary and Pastry
  • She interned in restaurants in France and Italy
  • She traveled the world for a year and catered healthy bowls to digital nomads with rave reviews (see Testimonials)

Wanna read more?

My favorite posts: 

“First we eat, then we do everything else” M.F.K. Fisher

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