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On cooking classes:

I woke this morning noticing my skin (face) was looking a lot better than usual. I’m putting that down to the consistently higher vegetable intake. I didn’t expect that and it happen so quickly. You are amazing.


Chef Joanna is amazing. I’ve been cooking for years and she still managed to teach me about knife skills. I loved her telling me about the history of the dish. We had some great conversation, but she taught me how to make a perfect paella. She is an amazing teacher. I had a fabulous time with no stress cooking. I loved my class with her and plan to book another soon.


Denise and I really enjoyed our class last night.  It was like one of our family parties because we enjoy each other, eat something fun, and leave with leftovers to take home.


After attending your zoom class on Thursday, I served the meal to friends on Friday. The food was outstanding and you made the presentation look fabulous. Thank you!


Chef Joanna has been hosting virtual cooking lessons at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the past few months and is a wonderful chef and teacher. She provides chef’s tips and tricks, answers questions, loves hearing other people share their experience, and is a warm and welcome presence on Wednesday afternoons. I have made several of her plant-based dishes and, despite my culinary limitations, they have been welcome additions to our dinner table.


Chef Joanna is amazing! Every week I look forward to our weekly gatherings with work colleagues. We are lucky to virtually spend 30 minutes of very engaging cooking lessons. With having to cook more at home during the pandemic, her recipes and kitchen skills have come very handy. I have expanded my recipe repertoire and improved the quality of my nutrition. The recipes she recommends are easy, delicious, very nutritious and fun to make. Thank you!!

-Monica, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Chef Joanna’s great! She agreed to do a weekly 30min series with my group at work, themed Blue Zones Kitchen, for a few weeks during the pandemic/lockdown. We explored easy and healthy recipes from the 5 Blue Zones: Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Sardina, Italy; Loma Linda, California; Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. We learnt some general cooking tips along the way: knife skills, using different herbs and spices, etc. Check her out!

-Makhethe, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

It was so fun! I am really enjoying it and feeling more empowered and more motivated to learning how to cook. You are very patient and kind and that makes me at ease. I was so proud yesterday.  Thank you so much!!

-Marisa (Cook to 100 student)

“I’m amazed this week how my energy levels and mood have increased just by following your breakfast challenge. A colleague today said how much I was enjoying life. WOW! – Thank you Joanna.”

-Mark, London

She was a great instructor! The class was enjoyable. Even though I cook a lot of Asian-inspired food, I learned new tricks! I would definitely take a class with her again! 😁 -Karina R.
Awesome class, super positive vibes, had tons of fun and learned a lot! – Ivy L.
Joanna helped me host an event for clients this week. She was great at customizing the menu to our needs, checking out the location in advance and bringing in the supplies. We had a pasta class for 7 people with well prepped stations for each. A nice touch was that Joanna baked fresh bread that morning for our bruschetta and brought fresh figs from her garden to pair with cheese as an appetizer. Great way to start the night off. Joanna was a great instructors and everyone in the group had fun getting their hands on the dough to make pasta and Bolognese sauce. Joanna had prepared a delicious Tiramisu for dessert. I’d recommend Chef Joanna’s pasta class. -Micah, Tastemade Studios, Santa Monica
My favorite thing about Joanna’s class was her focus on simple and delicious. Everything Joanna taught us used fresh ingredients and focused on bringing out those flavors. Most of the dishes were only a few ingredients, but incredibly tasty. I left the class feeling like I could ACTUALLY make pasta from scratch on my own now. Joanna was great. She was easy to talk to and very welcoming. She created a great environment and knew how to instruct without being overbearing or pushy. She’s an amazing teacher, with a great background and qualifications to match. I would highly recommend her class. – Tyler
It was a very delightful evening! Not only could we sip wine from the bar, but Joanna’s calm and informative presentation was a good learning experience. I can’t wait to try the recipe myself. I would recommend this for anyone and the class also had a very interesting group of people. Delicious and enjoyable! – Ramona {Paella}
Had great time at Chinese dumplings class. Chef Joanna and Connor were both very nice and helpful. There was a lot of dumplings that we made so I ate at the end of the class and took a lot home as well – Viktoriia
I had an amazing time. The chef gave clear instructions and was very helpful – Narges {Chinese Dumplings}
I found Joanna on AirBnB Experiences, best decision ever. I wanted to give my boyfriend a creative birthday gift, and at the end of the night he exclaimed “Best birthday ever!!” Needless to say, couldn’t have asked for more.
Joanna was not only quick with her replies up to the event, but allowed me to be a part of the process – from choosing the courses to offering to join her at the store to pick it all out. The day-of, she brought everything necessary, and made the process super simple for us. All we had to do was relax and have fun! She was so friendly, and made the process so enjoyable and made us both feel like cooking was actually easy! She showed us the basics ( ie knife skills) to the more in depth cooking (ie making the pasta by hand).
The menu was amazing… champagne to kick it off, pinzimonio (veggies) and bruschetta as appetizers, angel hair pasta as our entree with two sauces: pesto and tomato basil, and apple crostata with whipping cream and pomegranate as dessert. It…was…delicious !!! And we had leftovers too 🙂
I cannot wait to do another cooking class with her! Her knowledge of cooking, friendly fun vibe, and reasonable pricing made this an experience I can’t wait to do again. Thank you!! – Chelsea
Fun, amazing and great energy, cooking professor really great very patient and fun. I would definitely do it again 🙂 – Valezka S.
Joanna hosted such an amazing experience! Her attention to detail, organization, knowledge, and passion all really came through during our conversation and her class was taught in extremely approachable and friendly way. During our session we made a variety of Mediterranean dishes made with super fresh, organic ingredients. But Joanna went far above and beyond like providing all of the equipment and thinking of the sweetest details, such as extra mandarins, chocolate, and some seriously fancy French sea salt. We really connected and I wouldn’t hesitate in providing my highest recommendation to anyone thinking of taking this class. Already planning my next one soon! – Nicole
Wow what a meal! Joanna cooked us up, or I guess I should say taught us how to cook up our own, home made pasta which was out of this world. She provided Prosecco, appetizers, we made dinner and after even made home made apple tarts which were amazing. She has world class knowledge and is so sweet and kind. – Nikki, Airbnb Experiences
It was great!  It was fun and Joanna is a great teacher. – Bernice
 It was fun, informational & delicious. – Zenia
Loved it! Delicious and fun. -Turner F.
Joanna was so fun to work with and made it easy. She is a very pleasant person and I enjoyed the class. -Lisa C.

We had an awesome time making paella! Chef Joanna gave great history on the dish and made the experience easy and fun to follow. Can’t wait to join another class! -Loren D

I collaborate with Joannas some weeks ago and her knowledge of the food and the procedure of making pasta are the top and the same I do in my cooking class in Italy! I completely recommend her ! – Marta, Marta’s Cooking Classes

Great experience with a knowledgeable, wonderful and authentic chef. It’s a couple’s delight making this awesome and flavorful dish together. My wife and I had a great experience. Thank you! – JR

I have to say, this’s my second experience attending CocuSocial cooking classes where I was stupendously impressed with Chef Joanna’s experience, knowledge and her simplicity of demonstration and explanation with each process coupled with her selection of high quality, ingredients and taste. Quite an enlightening experience of making Gnocchi from scratch…start to finish. a fun filled evening coupled with meeting new people. Love the location! Thank you.

Everything was great. Would like a little more demonstration rather than just talking/giving the directions. I am a visual and kinesthetic learner and would benefit more from this approach. – Miyah J.

On catering:

It was the best decision to have Chef Joanna do our holiday “Friendsgiving” at our home. She made a delicious and healthy inspired spread that was both savory, seasonal and delicious. The whole process from menu planning to her presence in the kitchen and engaging with me and my guests was pleasurable and effortless. I’ll definitely use her services again in the future!- Angela

Chef Jo-Jo creates healthy portable meals that are great for lunch or dinner! The fruits and veggies are fresh and cooked to perfection. Love that I don’t feel guilty “eating out” for lunch 🙂 – Taylor

Joanna’s meals are nothing short of perfection. She is able to craft the perfect balance of healthy, flavorful and delicious meals all while meeting the specific needs and preferences of those she serves. Joanna’s attention to detail is evident from start to finish and her passion for food is contagious. . . Even in the food capital of the world [Lima, Peru] we can’t stay away from your meals! Thank you, Joanna! – Katelyn

Joanna is always very thoughtful with the flavor she combines. I love how she’s able to see what’s native to the city or in season and incorporates those flavors/foods into the dishes.  – Daryl

I didn’t know healthy foods could be so yummy! I look forward to this meal every day. Also, thank you for making living in cordoba [Argentina] a little better <3   -Suruchi

Joanna’s meals are absolutely divine. They are healthy, filling and made with so much love. Her meals are a favorite part of my day and I really love them. – Annie

Joanna’s meals are amazing! Fresh, healthy, flavourful. She cooks with a variety of spices and has single handedly made me start buying lentils in hopes that I can make them taste like hers.

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