80% Plant-based Meal Plans

What is it?

Healthy meal prep guide with grocery lists and quick and easy recipes.

Who is this for?

People that want to eat more vegetables and want easy-to-make recipes.

How much is it?

Get the Sampler for $5.99

Are you wasting time figuring out what to eat?

Eating healthy is something you want to do, but you don’t seem to have enough time.

You end up eating take out or the packaged stuff and feel horrible after.

You know you want to eat healthier but the time, preparation and planning needed seem intimidating.

I’m a chef and can save you time.

I’ll teach you the hacks, give you the grocery lists, and most importantly, recipes the family will love.

You don’t have to waste any more time figuring out what to eat.

That’s where a step-by-step meal plan will help you save time in the kitchen.

Save time and get 15 new recipes your first week.  

Learn more about what’s in this meal plan. Click the button below.

Recipes like these:

Healthy, Fresh Lunches

I look forward to guiding you in the kitchen! Cooking healthy is a lifelong skill that keeps on giving. 

Happy cooking!



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