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You CAN cook more inspiring plant-based meals in less time.

However, most think that it will take multiple trips to the grocery store and hours of learning new cooking techniques.

The key to enjoying your plant-based meals is planning ahead; sitting down to write what you will make for the week.

This is a huge time-saver but it intimidates many.

This meal plan takes the stress out of planning- it’s already been done for you. Grocery list done. Recipes done. So, you can start to make 5 healthy meals, with just one trip to the grocery store.

 “Joanna is always very thoughtful with the flavor she combines. I love how she’s able to see what’s native to the city or in season and incorporates those flavors/foods into the dishes.”  – Daryl

“Joanna’s meals are amazing! Fresh, healthy, flavourful. She cooks with a variety of spices and has single handedly made me start buying lentils in hopes that I can make them taste like hers.” -Sam

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An introduction to vegan ingredients. Easy recipes to start the day off energized and light.

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Moroccan Cookbook

A cookbook on the basics of Moroccan cuisine. Written by a professionally trained chef who spent time in Marrakech, Morocco learning the dishes and immersing herself in culture. Chef Joanna goes through the ABCs so you can feel confident getting started in Moroccan cuisine. You might want to plan a trip to Morocco after reading this travel and culinary adventure recollection.

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